What is special about Alpha Montessori

Alpha Montessori is unique in several ways.

We are the only Montessori school / child care center in DFW to have a natural playground. We are utilizing nature based outdoor spaces as an extension of our classrooms. It is here that the children will be able to go beyond what a traditional outdoor area does for gross motor skills, which they will get with balance beams and other climbing and crawling areas. It is in this exceptional space that the children will further investigate botany with real plants in the greenhouse, discover and experience tone, pitch, vibration and sound in the music area with nature made instruments, survey textures, weight, density, and geometry, and build structures in the messy, building, water exploration and sand areas. They will make authentic connections with the natural world with these open-ended natural materials, which will then foster imagination, creativity and analytical thinking. This is truly developing the whole child. Please select this link to learn more about our natural playground.

We have a fully equipped kitchen and a professional chef on site who prepares fresh lunches each day. We provide organic milk daily and our goal is to provide as many organic ingredients as possible. We are continuously adding/updating our menu to include more organic and healthy items.

Our classrooms are filled with natural lighting, spacious work areas, kitchens, gardens and beautiful outdoor extensions.

As an American Montessori Society member school, all of our lead teachers are Montessori certified.