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Karthi Natarajan

It is my pleasure to say good things about this wonderful Montessori school in the Plano/Frisco area. When we searched for a Montessori school for my daughter at the age of 18 months we found out that Alpha Montessori school was the perfect fit for our expectations. This school gets credit for a good academic curriculum, healthy meals and a hygienic environment with excellent teachers. Classes are cohort-based, and kids are learning and sharing from each other. My daughter brings her class work folder at the end of the week to show her learning activity for that week. This practice gives us the academic report card of my daughter’s progress. The school’s staff and director are very caring, respectful and attentive to each particular kid for their needs to make them succeed. I would recommend Alpha Montessori School for your kids. I strongly believe my daughter is “in good hands”.

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Alpha Montessori provides a rich array of specialty academic programs that span all ages and that support the core Montessori curriculum at each level. These specialty classes are lead by highly skilled teachers who engage learners to stretch and express themselves creatively, academically, physically, and socially. As in the Montessori classroom, the specialty teachers build communities where children learn effective communication for sharing ideas and resolving conflicts.


Creative expression is essential in a Montessori education. Students learn to think creatively, to use their “right brains,” and to take risks with ideas and materials. The Alpha Montessori art experience provides space to veer off on a new direction, experiment and self-evaluate art work as part of the creative process.

To nurture their creativity, the Art teacher brings a variety of resources and materials into each Primary classroom to support and expand the array of art materials present in each Montessori classroom. Students join the Art teacher for direct instruction and hands-on practice with a wide assortment of techniques and mediums. The students explore art history, artists, movements and periods through their own studies and compositions. All students learn respect for others and their work as well as respect and care for materials and tools used in the visual arts.

Our Art teacher works collaboratively with our Montessori teachers to integrate their curriculum themes into the Art experience. The study of Ancient Egypt might yield an Art project using clay to create accurate representations of pyramids or sarcophagi. A classroom production of the great classic “Wind in the Willows” might include students creating character puppets down to the last detail of fur and clothing.

Student artwork is exhibited throughout the school to celebrate student creativity and work.


Our music program was created to foster a great sense of joy in “making music” along with a focus on skills development. Concepts of tonal and rhythmic competencies are developed through creative exploration to help children develop listening skills and an internal understanding of rhythmic and harmonic elements. The social and performance aspects of music are also woven into the learning experience and change according to level.

Music class for toddlers and primary students provides plenty of physical movement so they can feel the rhythms as they listen to a wide variety of music, sing, and learn about musical instruments. Lower Elementary students delve deeper into music literacy and experience scales, harmony, and learning to sing and play instruments together.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education program allows children to develop motor patterns, practice skills, experience a variety of sports and games, learn rules of the game and practice good sportsmanship.

From Toddler through Elementary School, all children at AMS are part of a greater effort to nurture healthy lifestyle habits and physical activity that is part of their daily lives. Finding activities that will foster a life-long love of physical fitness and activity is the focus. Our aim is to support students in achieving their “personal best” and to experience a wide range of activities, movement, and sports in an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration.


Our Spanish program is focused on promoting enjoyment in leaning the Spanish language through listening, speaking, writing and exploration of Spanish-speaking counties and cultures.

Staring in Toddler class, children experience the sounds and richness of the Spanish language through songs, games, and engaging activities. The Spanish curriculum includes basic vocabulary, counting, and colors. As students progress through our Primary and Elementary programs, their time in Spanish class increases and they begin to study Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

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